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StallSeal® is must around the farm. This waterbased, VOC Free non-toxic coating has multiple uses when the need for commercial strength waterproofing and rust protection is required. This high build product is easy to apply by brush, roller, trowel, or spray.

Benefits of StallSeal?

Prevents Corrosion

• Metal Stalls
• Stall Dividers
• Feed Troughs
• Metal Gates
• Farm Machinery
• Manure Spreaders
• Undercoat Trailers
• Silos

Waterproofs & Repairs

• Barn Roofs
• Eaves Troughs
• Concrete manure containment
• Water Troughs
• Irrigation Tanks
• Wash Stalls
• Waterproof concrete for manure containment

More Information

For more information and pricing on the most requested stall flooring product on the market, call us at 1-866-333-7638

All SoftStall materials are covered by a 2 year warranty against manufacture defects. Due to the nature and use of SoftStall and SoftStall Pro products please note that all sales are final.

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