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Concussion Protection from Head to Hoof!

SoftWall is a two-part system that is secured to the walls of your horses stalls. Once attached,  there are no loose ends for your horse to grab, tear or pull down. Ideal for stall walls and horse trailer walls this system will help to prevent your horse from injury.

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Safe For Horses

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Foaling Stalls

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Recovery Stalls

Why SoftWall™?

This system is comprised of two parts, our unique engineered high density concussions panels and our durable water proof top cover. The panels are constructed from a combination of 100% recycled closed cell, cross linked foam pieces formed to create a 4’ x 6’ x 2” protective high density pad. These panels are manufactured to withstand and absorb the force of a horse's kick.

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Once attached to the walls of the stall, the SoftWall™ concussion panels are covered with our durable, non-slip cover. Approximately 1/4'' in thickness this geo-synthetic cover is secured with plastic strips. Once secured the horse cannot grab an edge or rip this cover or the system down.

The force with which a horse releases when it kicks can be devastating to its legs and hips, especially if the horse strikes a hard non-forgiving surface. SoftWallTM was designed to absorb the concussion of your horse's powerful kick.

A horse that is prone to casting itself can do a lot of damage to its legs and or head as it frantically fails to get back to its feet. The SoftWallTM System will absorb the impact of such strikes as well as aid the horse in righting itself. This is possible as this system will not move and offers a non-slip surface.

Most wall padding items available for horses do not properly absorb the force of impact that a horse can generate with a kick. Ones that can are often bulky, expensive and they are designed to hang loosely on the wall and are prone to damage from a horse biting and pulling. The SoftWallTM System once in place will not shift and offers no play for the curious horse.

"Improving Quality of Life"

SoftWallTM is designed to absorb the concussion of a horses kick, protecting its legs, joints and tendons from the force associated with this vice.

SoftWallTM also acts as a sound dampener and many horses cease to kick their stalls as the “loud bang” is eliminated.

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More Information

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All SoftStall materials are covered by a 2 year warranty against manufacture defects. Due to the nature and use of SoftStall and SoftStall Pro products please note that all sales are final.

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