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SoftStall Protech™

A Flooring System Designed for Professional & Custom Applications.

The Protech™ system is flat surfaced protective technology that allows for access by wheeled equipment found in veterinary clinics, quarantine facilities and customs applications such as zoos, kennels, and other cement and block wall facilities. Characterized with therapeutic benefits this system boasts our “GenY” cover, the most durable top cover on the market allowing for seamless large surfaces and freedom of architectural design and the best in bio-security.

This technology comes to you in a lightweight, complete, therapeutic pad that is environmentally friendly and most importantly durable under the use of these professional environments.

A combination of engineered density specific therapeutic pads combined with the toughest “Gen-Y” seamless pre-coated, waterproof top cover for any sized application.

The Benefits of Protech™

Provides therapeutic benefits with impact protection.

Wall to wall seamless, waterproof non-slip top cover.

High mechanical properties with High Fluid and Environmental Resistance.

Easy to Clean and Disinfect.

Allows for freedom of application in large or unusually shaped areas.

Available in black, beige, or grey.

No Seams to fail over time.

More Information

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All SoftStall materials are covered by a 2 year warranty against manufacture defects. Due to the nature and use of SoftStall and SoftStall Pro products please note that all sales are final.

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