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Enjoy traveling with your horse knowing they are safe & relaxed in your trailer.

The type of trailer or van in which the horse finds itself, and the flooring on which it must stand, will have an impact on the horse's stress level. Slippery floors, combined with poor driving practices, will cause a horse to ‘scramble' to maintain its balance. This is extremely stressful for the animal. The addition of SoftRide™, will help to remedy the slippery floor problem and reduce the amount of vibration transmitted through the floorboards. The reduction of vibration is key to help keep your horses legs in good condition during transport.

Why SoftRide™?

SoftRide™ greatly reduces the vibration and noise of the road conditions helping your horse relax more during the trip. SoftRide™ also provides a better footing for your horse preventing them from slipping during the changing motion of the trailer.

SoftRide™ creates a wall to wall seal in the horse trailer makes it easier for you to clean and disinfect after the trip is over. No pulling out rubber mats that have let urine get underneath or allowed manure to fester in the joints.

More Information

For more information and pricing on the most requested stall flooring product on the market, call us at 1-866-333-7638

All SoftStall materials are covered by a 2 year warranty against manufacture defects. Due to the nature and use of SoftStall and SoftStall Pro products please note that all sales are final.

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