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In 2001 SoftStall™ was born out of the necessity to make Life easier for owner, John Aditajs by helping manage his own 16 stall facility. To eliminate on-going stall base maintenance, to save on shavings, time required to muck stalls and lower costs associated with feed, supplements, and vet bills. This principal quickly evolved into a business to help horse owners that need to stall their horse make Life better for their horse in its stall and barn! It was quickly realized that the physical benefits SoftStall provided the horse itself vaulted the company's vision to improving the quality of Life for all horses and owners!

The desire to constantly evolve SoftStall's vision continued and SoftStep™ & SoftWall™ were soon added to complete the brand trilogy. The company continues to build on those principals and will always look at new and innovative ways to bring its equine friends and the people that own them better, safer, and easier applications.

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For more information and pricing on the most requested stall flooring product on the market, call us at 1-866-333-7638

All SoftStall materials are covered by a 2 year warranty against manufacture defects. Due to the nature and use of SoftStall and SoftStall Pro products please note that all sales are final.

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