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BarnSafe® Fire Protective Coatings

Barn Fires are terrifying and often devastating occurrence that strike without warning. Too often the damage they cause is irreversible. BarnSafe® is a Fire Protective coating that could save your life, livestock and your investment!

BarnSafe®creates protective barrier against the ignition factors that cause fires.

BarnSafe® provides additional protection by preserving wooden surfaces and more.

BarnSafe® is available in a clear protective coat that is designed to impregnate the wood surface creating a protective barrier.

Why BarnSafe®?

Interior & Exterior applications

Aqueous based non-toxic formulation

Environmentally & User Safe

Fast & Easy to apply (Brush, Roll, or Spray)

Fast & Can be applied to trusses, frames, joists, walls, roof boards

Deters wood boaring insects

The Barn on Fire Was not Treated with BarnSafe ®

Product Sizing

Available Sizes

• 1 gallon

• 5 gallon

• 50 gallon drum

BarnSafe® Meets or exceeds ANSI/UL 723 and CAN/ULC-S102

More Information

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