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There is So Much Resting On Your Stall Flooring Decision...

When it comes to stall flooring, stable flooring, stall bedding, horse stalls… or what every you wish to call it…how many of you have heard, or experienced first-hand the saying “my horse never lies down in its stall.” I have heard this way too often.

In my quest to understand this reason behind this statement, I have spoken with many equine practitioners and the response is quite similar. Some horses do not lay down because the surface beneath them is too hard. This can create discomfort in the horse during the process of laying down or getting up. This becomes more obvious with older horses or horses with lameness issues. Even with up to ten inches of shavings in a horses stall they can compress shavings paper thin leaving them without a much needed cushion. Rubber mats as the base can help minimally but remember, rubber mats can be as hard as a hockey puck, especially in colder temperatures and most do not offer much, if any, insulation or protection from dampness.

Being involved with the equine industry on both the business and personal side I have taken a great interest in understanding how important it is for horses to get quality rest and how a their stall can greatly effect this achievement. In my ongoing research I came upon an article by Michael Lowder, DVM, MS a renowned equine practitioner from the University of Georgia who wrote the following:

Do horses sleep? Have you ever noticed that there are days when your horse appears more rested than others? We all know how a good bed affects our sleep, and recent research indicates that the bedding material we provide our horses may influence their sleep as well!

Our horses spend most of their lives in an artificial environment, and tradition along with myth dictates how we manage their lives. We often create the horse's environment from a human point of view without giving much thought to what our horses really need. So what bedding should you use? Think about it when you want your horse to perform at his best, you must give him the opportunity to rest and a good bed to sleep in.

Many of us have never given any thought as to how a good sleep affects our horse's potential. Give your horse the best opportunity for rest, and he will give you the performance of a life- time.

On the average, a horse requires up to two hours rest each day. Much like ourselves, a horse requires rem sleep to help rejuvenate its body and mind. We know a horse can rest standing up but to get quality rem sleep they need to lay flat out. As the innovator of SoftStall, the therapeutic bed for horses I ask you this question. How do you think you would perform during a vigorous exercise program the morning after sleeping on your carpeted floor and not on your mattress?

As horse owners we take a lot care and pride in our horses, our farms, from the actual buildings to the stalls we put in our barns. It’s time to pay closer attention to what we actually put in our horses stalls…for their sake!

 Please take a moment to browse through our website, and learn why SoftStall Products are the best investment for the long term care of your horse.


Our Focus


Our products are designed to aid with reducing physical labour. All of our products offer the benefit of reducing time doing chore so you can have more time to spend with your horse.

Cost Effective

Reduce your bedding consumption with SoftStall™! Gives you more money in your pocket for the most important expenditures.

Recycled Material

Eco-Friendly and Latex-Free means you can feel great about your longterm investment.

Customer Reviews

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Ian Millar

Canadian Olympic Showjumping Team Member

"Anything that benefits a horse has got to be good, we find SoftStall™ truly benefits horses"

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Clinton Anderson

Down Under Horsemanship

"I did my research when it came to the stall flooring I wanted in my new barn...SoftStall™ it's simply the best therapeutic system to date!"

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Dr. Wendy Vala

World renowned DVM Neo-Natal care

"Until SoftStall™ I used to use real mattresses for sick foals. SoftStall™ has created a very safe environment for recovering foals.

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